Supertaste Release Contemporary Indie Dance EP ‘The Richest Form Of Communication’


Supertaste are musicians Hundreds Thousands and Slug Father, a duo from Brooklyn specializing in indie dance and reviving the sounds and vibrance of the New York disco. They’ve been key figures in the blossoming nu-disco movement and have just released their latest EP, The Richest Form Of Communication, out now via Future Disco.

Supertaste’s hybrid indie disco sound has become instantly recognizable. The Richest Form Of Communication finds the duo maturing their sound even further as they expand their sound with a live ensemble and live instrumentation. They’re ability to weave in and out of high and low energy soundscapes is on full display too. The laidback haze of “Power” is perfectly balanced by upbeat, groovy dance numbers like “Is It Enough” and “Dunston.”

All in all, The Richest Form Of Communication further cements Supertaste’s rightful place among the top acts in the contemporary indie dance space. Stream the EP below and enjoy!

Supertaste – The Richest Form Of Communication