Surfer Girl Delivers Top Shelf Reggae Vibes on Debut EP

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As we inch closer and closer to those coveted sun soaked months of summer, Aer frontman Carter Schultz has finally unveiled the self titled debut EP of his solo project, Surfer Girl. We’ve been following the rollout closely and we’re absolutely in love with these five tracks of catchy reggae grooves.

Find some fresh air, bust out the sun chairs, and shed all unnecessary layers, this project is unadulterated sonic sunshine. Despite the warm sound, this one was written during a harsh winter in Maine, during a time when we were all looking for more mellow moods and good times. Schultz’s efforts here capture what we’ve been longing for over this past year, and it feels good to rinse this EP while things are beginning to open up again.

From the smooth and sultry love songs, to the politically charged anthems, I tried my hardest to put my best foot forward and leave it all on the field. Written in subzero Coastal Maine, amidst pandemic stress, this record strives to be the antidote to the madness we’ve all experienced over the past year. The energy is high, the grooves are warm, and the EP is begging to be played on the beach alongside your loved ones, a couple cold ones, and a fat one. We all deserve a break, and I hope this one helps you get there – much love!  – Surfer Girl

You heard the man—gather the homies, grab some drinks, and stream Surfer Girl’s new debut EP below. It’s out now via Ineffable Records. Enjoy!

Surfer Girl – Surfer Girl EP