PREMIERE | Surfer Girl Debuts Breezy New Single “Little Green Eyes”


We’ve been following Carter Schultz‘s new project Surfer Girl closely ever since it’s debut last month, and we’re excited to share a new release from it here this morning!

While the previous track had undertones and themes of political and current events, this new jam harkens back to more of the dub/reggae roots from which the project was formed. There’s a feel-good aura that permeates throughout “Little Green Eyes”, from both the lyrics which describe the honeymoon phase of a new relationship, to the upbeat instrumentation. This is a track that belongs in any time zone that you can listen to it within, let alone island time. Ultimately it showcases his versatility as a songwriter and producer, as he strongly occupies both ends of the emotional spectrum with his music.

Needless to say, with such a strong follow-up to the initial release, we’re excited to see what Carter has in store for this project heading into the new year. The positive vibe here is palpable, and it’s one we can all get with. Below is a link to the music. It’s out now via Ineffable Records. enjoy!

Surfer Girl – Little Green Eyes