Justin Jay Drops Incredible House Remix Of Walker & Royce’s Infectious “Take Me To Your Leader”


Justin Jay is simply the king of vibes. Walker & Royce’s track “Take Me To Your Leader” out via Dirtybird was an impossibly infectious track that lit up the summer last year, yet Justin Jay managed to find a way to invoke even more positive expression out of the tune. His remix of “Take Me To Your Leader” just dropped, and at the perfect time. This beautiful piece of music will help you squeeze the last drops out of summer.

Like most things Justin Jay does, this remix is incredibly unique. The first part of the track is nearly its own piece of music, entirely separate from the original (besides some vocals). As it progresses, more elements of the original begin to emerge until the unmistakable melody is brought in during the breakdown. The remix takes off from there, with Justin Jay’s work and the Walker & Royce elements playing around with each other until the end. It works so well that we could loop this thing for the rest of the day and be entirely content.

This “Take Me To Your Leader” remix was released as part of a remix album for Walker & Royce’s Self Help LP (one of our favorite electronic albums last year), which featured other familiar Dirtybird artists like Justin Martin, Ardalan, J. Phlip, and more. The whole EP is definitely worth listening to, but this is the clear the stand out. 

Stream Justin Jay’s amazing remix of “Take Me To Your Leader” below and enjoy!

Walker & Royce – Take Me To Your Leader (Justin Jay Remix)