Tame Impala Finally Announces New Album ‘The Slow Rush’


We finally have some answers. The long awaited new album from Tame Impala is officially confirmed and it’s called The Slow Rush.

The album will come out in 2020. We are lucky enough to get a 90 second video of Kevin Parker in the studio with what we can safely assume is a taste of some new music.

After he was announced to be headlining most major music festivals on the 2019 circuit and we got 2 new songs everyone thought the new album was right around the corner. As we neared the end of the year and his recent headline tour didn’t include any new songs it was starting to look like those singles “Patience” and “Borderline” might be all we would get.

Hopefully this means we get a new single soon to tide us over, if not at least we can look forward to album soon enough. Enjoy.