Tame Impala Are Gearing Up For “Career Defining” 2019


2019 is going to be a big year for Tame Impala. Or as they would call it, “career defining”. The beloved Australian band’s fearless leader Kevin Parker just recently did an interview with the Aussie publication The Sunday Times to shed light on what they have planned for the year. Not only do they have plans for new music, but a full new album is on the books for 2019.

With their massive Coachella headlining set coming in April, many fans began to speculate they would have the new project out in time to showcase at the iconic festival. However, that may or may not be the case as Parker went on to explain – “I like to think that the album is its own thing. I wouldn’t want in 20 years to be listening to an album I made now and think that I finished it for any deadline or any particular reason. It was finished because it was finished.” I’m glad he’s taking this approach as I’d rather have the best possible project from Tame Impala opposed to one that was rushed to be ready for Coachella.

Speaking of Coachella, Parker also said he forgot to tell his bandmates about the booking, which is likely the biggest of their career. He went on to explain they’re going all out for the show – “I’ve held back before because we’ve always tried to be understated, (but this is) kind of a license to not be that anymore. If that means having 100 lasers instead of six, so be it.”

We can’t wait to hear the new music Tame Impala has been working on and are counting down the days until this Coachella performance. Stay tuned for an epic year from them and enjoy!