Kevin Parker Announces New Electronic ‘Tame Impala Sound System’ Live Shows

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If you’ve been following Tame Impala this past year, Kevin Parker‘s band has made various appearances on US television and other live stream events. These sets were a bit different than a normal Tame Impala show, as they mainly feature Kevin and his bandmates jamming on synths. Today, Kevin Parker announced via the Tame Impala Twitter that they would be turning these small sets into a full-on production next month.

Tame Impala Sound System, the new name for these digitally-focused sets, will be making their official debut for SNACK Weekender in Perth, Australia on March 5-6. These will be the very first “live incarnations of Tame Impala’s recent electronic performances.” Another tweet described the performance perfectly:

Wielding their overflowing arsenal of synths, sequencers and samplers to rework and reimagine tracks from the Tame Impala discography and beyond, Tame Impala Sound System is a pulsating, fully live and organic, free-flowing digital jam out.

Tame Impala tweeted a brief video preview of their setup. You can check it out below.

Tame Impala Sound System have announced 2 shows for SNACK Weekender in Perth – March 5 & 6.

These performances will be the very first live incarnation of Tame Impala’s recent electronic performances as seen on US television and various live stream productions throughout 2020.

— Tame Impala (@tameimpala) February 8, 2021