Watch Tame Impala Perform Live For NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert

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The most recent guest for NPR‘s Tiny Desk Concert series is none other than Tame Impala. Kevin Parker and his bandmates played a dope little 16-minute show from out of his home studio in Australia, equipped with synths and drum machines.

Tame Impala played the songs “Breathe Deeper” and “Is It True” off of the most recent album, The Slow Rush, as well as the 2019 singe, “Patience.” The vibe for this set is awesome. Kevin is accompanied by Jay Watson and Dom Simper, and they’re surrounded by a ton of equipment that they’re jamming on. Kevin is at the helm, singing and tinkering with a DJ mixer, in control.

Check out the full performance below. Enjoy!

Tame Impala: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert