Tampere Hall In Finland Has The Best Lighting We’ve Ever Seen


Tampere Hall, which resides north of Helsinki in Finland, has recently received an amazing installation of new lights that will blow your mind. Audico Systems in responsible for the installation, which features 281 Fuze Pendant LED downlights. The project took three years to complete, but the result is absolutely breathtaking.

The architecture of Tampere Hall is already beautiful on its own, but the inclusion of these new lights elevate the venue to a whole other level. While it may be a bit more time before we can leisurely travel to see something like this in person, just imagining some of our favorite artists perform here gives us goosebumps.

The first events using the new house lighting system have already taken place. There have been several concerts featuring the Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra, who livestream from the concert hall every week.

Another cool aspect of this new lighting is how efficient the venue can be with their energy. Here’s what Audico rep Tapio J√§rvinen has to see about the greenness:

The savings comes from more precise control, the ability to control each light individually. For example, now they can turn on only a few lights if needed or only turn on lights in a certain area, like over the stage. Because they have more precise control, they have no reason to keep lights on all the time.

You can check out a video of the lights in action below. Enjoy!

H/T Elation Lighting