Tash Sultana Drops Hypnotic New Single “Beyond The Pine”


Australian stand out, Tash Sultana, continues taking strides towards their new album, Terra Firma, with the release of a spellbinding new single titled, “Beyond The Pine.” While the album still does not have an official release date, this third single is a blissful taste of what’s to come.

This easy going tune highlights Tash’s ability to paint a vivid picture through seamless composition and layering. A skipping drum kit and soft chimes set the featherlight tone for the signature crooning vocals to flow within. While the guitar riffs begin to fall into place, you take notice of just how many pieces are contributing to the lush music taking place as what sounds like a symphony of synths and harps coalesce in the background. When it comes to the lyrics and inspiration, Tash mentions in an interview:

‘Beyond The Pine’ is about finding solace in nature and realizing the depth of your relationship when you find your one. Love is yours no matter the colour, race, gender, religion, sexuality or identity.

Any day we get new Tash is a good day. As Terra Firma inches ever closer, its clear that the Aussie’s new direction is on path to gold. Stream and watch the multi-instrumentalist do a solo performance of “Beyond The Pine” on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Play At Home Series below. Enjoy!

Tash Sultana – Beyond The Pine