Tash Sultana Is Incredible On Must Hear, Soulful Debut Album ‘Flow State’

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I really can’t say enough about how incredible Tash Sultana is. The multi-talented Australian artist seems to keep leveling up with everything she releases, and today has gifted us her highly anticipated debut album Flow State. The 13-track album is amazing from start to finish.

Tash is a rare talent who can really do it all. Her voice is incredible. Her songwriting keeps you coming back for more. Her instrumentation / production is impressive and unique throughout as Tash shows us she’s the full package, and not going anywhere. If there’s someone who exemplifies a one-woman-band, it’s Tash Sultana.

Her voice is just so good, but what’s even more impressive is the fact that the instrumental tracks are as enjoyable as the ones I find myself singing along to. Ahead of Flow State, we were blessed with a spree of singles including “Free Mind,” “Harvest Love,” “Salvation” and more. Now that the full album is here. there’s not a skippable track and we’re certainly going to have this on heavy rotation. If you have the chance to see her live make sure you do so as it will be a show you won’t forget. Enjoy!

Tash Sultana – Flow State