Taska Black Drops Seductively Powerful Remix Of Winona Oak’s “With Myself”

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Taska Black has had a productive 2020 putting out attention grabbing singles like “Comedown” and “Be There One More Time.” Today, the Belgian continues his streak with the release of an epic yet sensuous remix of Swedish vocalist, Winona Oak’s, empowering single, “With Myself.”

This rewrite works hand in hand with the original, utilizing the original themes of self-reliance and defiance. An emboldened electric orchestra with notable trap tendencies builds a hauntingly carnal soundscape that highlights the lustful independence of the tune in all the right ways.

If you’re looking to feel 50 shades of yourself, then look no further. This hot new track will have you brimming with self-standing confidence in just a few short seconds. Stream Taska Black’s new remix of Winona Oak’s “With Myself,” below. Enjoy!

Winona Oak – With Myself (Taska Black remix)