Tchami Harnesses A Progressive House Groove With Two Fresh New Singles “Proud” & “Ghost”

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Tchami is trying out a new sound for his upcoming debut album. The prolific producer has been at the forefront of house music for years, accumulating a massive library of bangers ranging from the dark, gritty “Prophecy,” the deep, majestic “Adieu,” and the golden groove, “Rainforest.”  Today, the Parisian house preacher made big moves towards the upcoming album by releasing the first two singles titled “Ghosts” and “Proud,” via his own CONFESSION label.

These two new singles channel a refreshing progressive house energy, and while this is not Tchami’s signature direction, we’ve absolutely loved the few tracks of his that follow this path.  “Proud” features an energetic piano line and pining vocal track over a driving drum line and pounding bass.  “Ghosts” calls on a classic deep house drum kit to lay the ground work for its hypnotic trance inducing vocals and dancing synth lines.  Both of these tracks will have your mind in a state of vocal bliss, while your body is under the spell of the percussion and bass on the dance floor.  

Tchami’s new album definitely seems to be starting in the right direction and we can’t wait to hear whats next. Enjoy!

Tchami – Proud / Ghosts