Ted Jasper Channels His Nightmares into New Indie-Electronic Tune, “Bad Seeds”

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Dreams are mysterious things. They can give our wildest imagination a space to manifest into seemingly tangible reality. They can play out our heart’s deepest desires. In Ted Jasper’s case, dreams inspired him to take bold steps in the face of fear. Today, we share the fruits of those steps as Jasper releases new single, “Bad Seeds.”

There’s a comforting eeriness to the production of this new offering. Its manipulated layers fade to and fro while fleshing out personal vulnerabilities through reflective songwriting. Ted shares how much the writing of this single and its counterpart meant when saying:

Last winter I wrote two deeply personal songs that came to life as a result of a series of recurring nightmares, something I’ve struggled with for as long as I can remember. There was something hugely cathartic about putting some of that terrifying imagery into my music.

There’s something magnetic about a track that bears the artist’s soul. It lets us know that our feelings, no matter how heavy, happy, or otherwise uncommon are really not that uncommon. There’s always someone to turn to. Stream Ted Jasper’s new single, “Bad Seeds,” below. Enjoy!

Ted Jasper – Bad Seeds