PREMIERE | Rising R&B Artist Teflon Sega Shows Off Incredible Vocals On “Not Another Love Song”

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Rising artist Teflon Sega is an incredible talent we’ve been excited about for a minute, and today he’s back with more heat. The mysterious R&B artist last made his way on TSIS for his chilled out original track “Closure” showing off his songwriting as well as a cover of Blink 182’s “Adam’s Song”. 

While it’s uncertain who is behind Teflon Sega, he’s certainly gotten our attention and appears as an anime style cartoon character across his artwork and Instagram that seems to be the face of the project and perfectly fits the aesthetic of the dreamy, neon-drenched songs we’ve heard so far. 

Now he’s back with the premiere of a fresh new electronic R&B original called “Not Another Love Song” that further puts his one-of-a-kind falsetto vocals on full display. Here Teflon floats buoyantly atop Ozzie’s dark, moody production with skittering hi-hats, booming 808s and an eerie melody setting the foundation for the vocals to shine. The song serves as a ballad to pole dancers and although it’s “Not Another Love Song” he sounds pretty hypnotized by a dancer who has caught his eye as Teflon comments he's “not sure why pole dancing gets a bad wrap.. I don’t see it as trashy I see it as art.. full of technique and soul.” Stay tuned for more from Teflon Sega and enjoy!

Teflon Sega – Not Another Love Song

Teflon Sega Not Another Love Song