Tennyson Take Listeners to “Innerspace” with Lush Lo-Fi Single

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College Music is a YouTube-page-turned-record-company from London bringing some of the freshest hip-hop, jazz, and chill electronic tracks. Recently they dropped a track from talented Canadian duo Tennyson titled “Innerspace”, a lush lo-fi track by the brother-sister pair. It was the first “station” on a sonic journey that they are taking fans this whole week, up until arriving at the “destination” on October 22. 

“Innerspace” is a song with buoyant ambient production and a warm sound design. It starts off with a static-filled analog intro and then blends into some bittersweet chords with dusty piano keys and sexy drums. The tempo chugs along as the smooth jazzy notes roll over you in such a satisfying manner. Tennyson really nailed this one.

You can listen to the track below, and be sure to keep your eyes open for what the label has in store this month. Enjoy!

Tennyson – Innerspace