Tennyson Returns With Vibrant, Playful New Single “Telescope”


Tennyson have come quite a long way since many first heard of them via their 2015 Skrillex remix. As the brother-sister duo have done well to carve out their own unique indie-electronic niche over the years, today Luke has returned with a fresh, impressive new Tenny-track, “Telescope”.

As usual, this latest offering sits somewhere between beautifully gentle and fantastically buoyant. Characterized by Tennyson’s signature, crisp, unconventional percussion layers, shimmering vocals and bright, vibrant soundscapes – Luke has perfectly embodied passion, wanderlust and melancholy in this immaculate new release. Marking the beginning of Tennyson’s collaboration with visual artist Waneella, we’re expecting many more incredible things to come. Stream “Telescope” below and enjoy!

Tennyson – Telescope