Toronto’s Tep No Drops Uplifting Dance Track ”You’re A Superstar”


One of Canada’s shining stars of deep house just released a brand new song last week. Tep No‘s “You’re A Superstar” was engineered to elevate the vibes and give listeners a little confidence boost. It is a cheerful and chic number that you can always rely on to get yourself in a positive headspace.

Tep No said this about the song…

“’m here to remind you that you’re a superstar and that you are strong despite how hard it can be out there right now. You can do this and you will survive and strive through this difficult period in your life.

The track starts off with some light and twinkling keys with summery bongo instrumental in the background. In comes the looping vocal reminding you that you are a superstar, and with the repetition taking hold of you, it’s impossible not to believe it. The tempo just keeps ascending and lifting spirits higher, and then the song fades with a tinge of tropical influence in the outro. 

You can stream Tep No’s new song below. Enjoy!

Tep No – You’re A Superstar