See The Top Festival Totems We Saw At Electric Forest

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Music festivals far and wide have earned a reputation for gathering some of the most dedicated and creative fans out there, many of whom have created their own traditions at these events. One custom, in particular, that we've seen on the rise has been the creation of Totems, or "rage sticks" as some like to call them.

If you've been to an American music festival in the past few years, you've most likely seen one…or a few hundred. They come in all shapes and sizes and are decorated head to toe to express one's outrageous humor or affection of some of the artists performing. 

One of our favorite festivals, Electric Forest, just completed its 2016 edition and from what we observed, its become the epicenter of Totems in the United States. It was truly a sight to be seen and since seeing is believing, we've decided to gather the best totems we saw all weekend long.  

Skrillary Clinton 2016 Campaign Sign Wearing Neon Glasses (At the TSIS Secret Set)



"Turnip or Turn up?"

Turn Up

Pikachu tripping, wearing a another pikachu, also tripping, kandi necklace.


Peka choo


This is Bob Saget as Danny Tanner with "Oh Fuck Yeah" written underneath it

Danny Tanner

Most Interesting Man In The World Offering Some Real Insight

Dab 1 

There was not a shortage of spin offs of the "Suh Dude" meme. Suh, Bassnectar?

Suh dude Bass

Obama…suh dude?

Suh Dude obama

GRiZ is now the smirking emoji.

Griz totem

Hold the door!!




Rick & Morty seemed to be a festival favorite, which feels natural given the show's outrageous humor.

Ricky & Morty One

Simple, yet effective.

Ricky And Morty 2

This fan took it a step further, working his favorite artists logos into a Rick & Morty-inspired Totem.

Ricky And Morty 3

When in doubt, dab. You go, Stick Man, you go. 

Dab 2

In you case needed to know, this is where the official "Twerk Zone" was located.


"Light Shows 4 Scooby Snacks" (One of our favorites)

Scoobie snacks

Fake Marijuana newspaper

Weed vibes

Keeping the "Doge" meme alive in Big Gigantic fashion

So big G 

"Bassnectar + Bubbles = Decent"


Mario flying koopa brought to life in 3-D led fashion

This thing

 This is a Totem of that one illustration that went viral of of Donald Trump naked. with a christmas strand of lights on it

Naked Trump