Rising French Duo The Blaze Release Stunning Debut Album ‘DANCEHALL’ : Chill House

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The Blaze needed only a single EP before they decided they were ready to release their debut album, DANCEHALL. The French duo have found their own specific subgenre of house music that we can’t quite place, but it’s stirringly beautiful.

Often when introducing a new artist, we like to draw comparisons to others to give readers an idea of what they’re jumping into. The Blaze are unlike any musical artists we’ve encountered. The style is downtempo house music, with heavenly dancehall-esque vocals and melodies that are so emotive that you can literally feel your body react to them.

DANCEHALL is a journey from start to finish. It’s one of those albums that you could throw on at any moment and be pleased with your selection. The Blaze have created something breathtaking here, and we insist that you give their debut album a listen.

Stream DANCEHALL in its entirety below and enjoy!