Tchami & MARTEN HØRGER Crank Out New Piano House Banger “The Calling”

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It’s Friday. The week is done. And all eyes are on the weekend. Everyone knows a proper weekend bash requires proper weekend party-starters, and you know we got just the thing for you. Tchami and MARTEN HØRGER are coming in hot with an intoxicating piano house single, “The Calling.”

When two titans of house come calling, you better listen. The full-bodied power of the piano, the impassioned vocal call, and a chest-thumping 4×4 kick come together to produce what can best be described in a single word as, BANGER. Whether you throw it in the playlist or on the flash drive, this ripper will deliver the perfect combo of energy and euphoria for a quick trip to a power-packed cloud nine.

You already know what you have to do. Push play below and stream Tchami and Marten Hørger’s new track, “The Calling,” below. Enjoy!

Tchami & MARTEN HØRGER – The Calling