The First Socially Distanced Raves Are Happening, And Here’s What They Look Like


While the coronavirus pandemic continues to hinder large gatherings of any sort, the will to party powers on. Folks around the world are figuring out ways to throw dance parties while still complying with social distancing rules.

The first example is a German nightclub in Münster, where revered underground DJ Gerd Janson threw down for a low-capacity crowd. Their strategy here appears to be to place markers on the ground, where club-goers must stand and dance, without roaming or getting too close to others.

In what might be the first dance party in Europe in months, Gerd Janson played to a small, socially-distanced crowd in Münster last night. We’re speaking with the promoters on how they pulled this one off. More details forthcoming

— Resident Advisor (@residentadvisor) May 22, 2020

There’s also been some footage that’s being passed around the Internet of a more renegade-type party, where attendees are roped off in their own designated dancing spaces. This one appears to be taking place under a bridge of some sort.

In either of these examples, it’s unclear how enforced the distancing rules are. Would security come in and prevent any ravers that were disobeying the rules? We’d hope so. One thing is clear: the people need to dance, and they’re getting creative in order to do so. These strategies may end up getting more popular, and may even be adapted by clubs over here in the states if they’re proven to work.