The Funk Hunters and CMC & Silenta Collaborate On New Single “Tribute”


Groovy Canadian duo The Funk Hunters and breakthrough German pair CMC & Silenta have teamed up on a brand-new single, “Tribute.” Complete with blues-laden vocals and bass-heavy synths, the track showcases each groups’ signature sound in one cohesive piece of music.

The four artists actually began work on “Tribute” six years ago. According to Nick Middleton and Duncan Smith of the Funk Hunters, “over the years it just never got finished for a proper release.” Despite this, the two continued to play the track in live shows around the country.

Long-time collaborator of the Funk Hunters, Steve Beddall, is credited with the lyrics and guitar on “Tribute.” When asked about the lyrics, Beddall said the track is “really just reflecting a feeling of pushing through adversity” and “maintaining a positive mental attitude.”

With all the free time quarantine has provided, Middleton and Smith were finally able to finish up the track for a proper release. And with a message about being strong in the face of adversity, the single could not be more appropriately timed. “Tribute” is out now, enjoy!

The Funk Hunters, CMC & Silenta – Tribute | Stream/Download