The Funk Hunters Present A Groovy 7th Edition Of Their Valentine’s Day ‘Night Spell’ Mix Series

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The Funk Hunters are here to put you in the mood for the seventh year in a row. It’s Valentine’s Day, which means that The Funk Hunters are here to deliver another one of their acclaimed Night Spell mixes. Night Spell 7 is filled with feel-good, sensual groovers from the likes of Free NationalsMedasinMarvin Gaye, and Big Wild.

Not only is this the perfect to mix to throw on for a romantic evening, but it’s masterfully put together with seamless and tasteful transitions. The Funk Hunters traverse a wavy sea of genres, keeping things fresh for the full hour.

Shoutout to The Funk Hunters for giving single people something to look forward to on Valentine’s Day too. This one is killer.

Check out the full, 70-minute mix below along with their current tour dates and enjoy!

The Funk Hunters – Night Spell 7

2/20/2020 –  Costa Rica – Envsion Festival
2/28/2020 –  Denver, CO – Ogden Theatre
3/8/2020 – Phoenix, AZ – M3F Fest
4/3/2020 – San Francisco, CA – 1015 Folsom
4/4/2020 – Calgary, AB – The Gateway
5/24/2020 – Bakersfield, CA – Lightning in a Bottle
6/11/2020 – Manchester, TN – BONNAROO
7/11/2020 – Merritt, BC – BassCoast
9/13/2020 – La Cygne, KS – Dancefestopia