The Geek x Vrv Deliver Refreshing Future Bass Remix Of Møme’s “Aloha”

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Paris based production duo The Geek X Vrv caught the ear of GRiZ and have been releasing music such as their Electric City EP via All Good Records. They’re prepping for the spring release of the forthcoming Origami EP as their All Good followup, and have shared an enjoyable new remix with us in the meantime. 

The feel-good, electro-soul vibes present in Geek’s music has kept them on our radar, and their latest take on fellow Paris based producer Møme’s “Aloha” is a great addition to their works. Their official remix of “Aloha” strips the original’s vocals away entirely and reworks the instrumental, introducing mellow instrumentation and percussion while sampling the original’s drop melody. The soulful remix delivers lush aesthetics packing a more dreamy sound with euphoric, swirling synths dropping in to create a sound that strays away from their signature electro-soul style; bringing a relaxing, vibe-packed listen. Enjoy!

Møme – Aloha (The Geek X Vrv Remix) | iTunes