The Glitch Mob & 1788-L Unleash Midtempo Bass Heater, “Momentary Lapse”

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We’re big fans of The Glitch Mob here at TSIS. We’ve been following the amazingly talented trio from our site’s earliest days. More recently, we’ve also become big 1788-L fans as the mysterious producer has recently crushed us with a slew of diverse and destructive bass tracks.  So you can imagine how hype we were when we first learned the two bass wielding glitch masters had teamed for this gritty, futuristic cut titled, “Momentary Lapse.”

The Glitch Mob gives high praise to 1788-L:

“It’s been a blast for us this year to focus on working with younger artists that we are super into. We felt a creative synergy with 1788-L ever since we first heard his music. We asked him to remix ‘Disintegrate Slowly’ from our last album and after hearing that we knew we had to create something fresh together.” 

The song slowly fades in with an ominously ascending chord progression and forceful drum line that draws you to the edge of your seat.  Before you know it, a mountain of glitch-tastic bass and countering analog synths is unloaded through the speakers, sending deep-dark electro goodness through every bone in your body. So crank your speakers to 1,000% and hold on tight, “Momentary Lapse,” by The Glitch Mob x 1788-L is about to take you on a ride. Enjoy!

The Glitch Mob & 1788-L – Momentary Lapse