The Glitch Mob Share Thundering New EP, ‘Chemicals’

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One of electronic music’s most powerful trios, The Glitch Mob, is back with their first new music of 2020.  Although the TSIS favs recently had to postpone their Drink The Sea X tour among COVID-19 concerns, that isn’t stopping them from using music to “connect us all and to bring some levity to your day.” Well folks, the Chemicals EP isn’t just here to brighten your day, its here to kick down your whole damn door and then some.

Three is the magic number with The Glitch Mob, and that’s exactly how many high-powered heaters are on this latest project.  The opening  title track is a passionate vocal track featuring a full-bodied ensemble of high-pitched supporting synths.  “Take Control” is a punctuated, vicious line of blazing analog synths overtop an explosive bass line.  “The Stance” picks up right where the other two left off—the third and final track features some industrial grade sonic destruction provided by a fearsome low-end orchestra of buzzing saws and abrasive mechanized fills.

The Glitch Mob came in guns blazing with this fully loaded project and we are so here for it.  Out now via Shoot To Kill MusicChemicals is an epic three piece EP that is a force to behold and we know it’ll floor you in all the right ways. Enjoy!

The Glitch Mob – Chemicals EP