The Midnight Release Highly Anticipated New Genre-Bending Album ‘Monsters’

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If you aren’t already familiar with LA-based synth-pop duo The Midnight, you’ll definitely want to add them to your list of acts to watch in 2020 and beyond. With half a decade of incredible, genre-bending projects already under their belt, now the pairing have delivered their anticipated new album Monsters.

This latest offering perfectly exemplifies everything we’ve come to love about The Midnight’s unique sound. Featuring a masterful mash of retro synth-focused electronic production and alluring subdued and highly-effected vocals, The Midnight almost seem to be transmitting us this project from an alternate, sherbet sky-soaked coastal paradise lost along our timeline years ago.

Whether you’re taking a late night drive or are chilling at home and want to jump straight into your feels, there’s a little something for everyone on here. Stream Monsters below and enjoy!

The Midnight – Monsters