The Sponges Bring The Sauce With Funky Dance Floor Ripper, “Jerry Brain”

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Grab a fire extinguisher. Call the fire department. At least get a damn bucket of water because your speakers are about to spontaneously combust. Miami based house duo, The Sponges, are making a funk-fueled return to Kyle Watson’s Box Of Cats and ThisSongIsSick with a Grade-A party starter titled, “Jerry Brain.”

We’ve known The Sponges wield some of the the funkiest beats in the game, but this latest offering would even make James Brown blush. Warping Synths, sassy samples, and funk band bytes whip in and out with 4/4 fury that doesn’t just call you to the dance floor, it demands your presence. And is that a hint of turntable that I detect? How anyone could squeeze this much fun and this much spice into one song is completely beyond me, but I do know this— this track is absolutely dripping in sauce and I’m not mad about it in the slightest.

Fair warning, you might as well clear your schedule for the rest of the day (week? month?). Once you press play, you won’t be able to stop listening for the foreseeable future. Stream The Sponges funky dance floor ripper, “Jerry Brain,” below. Enjoy!

The Sponges – Jerry Brain