THEY. Flex Their Signature Sound On Moody New Single “Count Me In”

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THEY. are one of the best when it comes to genre blending. The duo essentially cemented their unique grunge/R&B sound when they first appeared in 2016. Today, the duo return to that iconic style with the release of a new single titled “Count Me In.”

In the time since their last album, Nü Religion: Hyena, THEY. have been exploring some new sounds and collabs. “Count Me In,” however, sends us right back to when our minds were originally blown by the pair. Their new album, The Amanda Tapes, is on its way, and “Count Me In” will be on it. If this is the vibe they’re going to be channeling on the project, we can’t wait to hear it.

Check out the new track from THEY. below. Enjoy!

THEY. – Count Me In