Talented Hip-Hop Duo THEY. Drop Two Impressive Brand New Tracks “Thrive” & “Ain’t The Same”

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One thing that we admire about THEY. is their desire to put out quality releases after quality release. It’s been a little over year a since the self-proclaimed “Grunge ‘n’ B” duo blew us away with their debut album Nu Religion: Hyena (which made it onto our top albums of 2017 list), and we’re happy to share the news that they’ve just dropped off two brand new tracks via Mind Of A Genius.

The first track, “Thrive,” is a hard, murky banger that’s chock full of huge drums, grungey guitar riffs, and in-your-face lyrics. “Someone said some hater shit about a song I had put a lot of time into. They called it ‘aggressive and complex’. So I went back to the studio and made something even more aggressive and complex,” THEY. stated when talking about this tune.

If “Thrive” is yin, then the second track “Ain’t The Same” is yang. “Ain’t The Same” flips the mood to showcase the duo’s versatility, dropping a smooth beat and switching from rapping to singing. If you were a fan of their more downtempo tracks off of Nu Religion: Hyena, then you’ll definitely dig this number.

According to their press release, THEY. “plan on consistently releasing music every 6 weeks,” so prepare for a year stacked with new music from one of our favorite duos. Enjoy!

THEY. – Thrive / Ain't The Same