Presents A Christmas Remixtape: 7 Holiday BANGERS

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The holidays are here, which means there is a mass amonut of Christmas music in TV, the radio, etc. Well I'm here with a fresh dose of BANGER to offset the classics with some modern freshness. I've compiled 7 of the sickest and most epic Christmas flavored BANGERS and remixes, thanks to those who sent me some of your favorite holiday BANGERS! I've got some from past artists featured on the site like Ben Samples and Mochipet, and a slew of new producers that have brought the holiday spirit out with BASS. Download the entire mixtape, or grab your some of your favorites. Turn up the bass, Merry Christmas, and enjoy!

Download the Entire Thissongissick Presents A Christmas Remixtape Here

Home Alone (Christmas Dubstep Remix) – 5 OH! | Download

El Jefe Hallelujah – J. Tonal | Download

Carol of the Bellz – Ben Samples | Download

Walking in the Air – Retrotation | Download

Jingle Crunk – Mochipet | Download

Snowdrift – Build 128 | Download

Carol of The Bass – PhillySoundSystem | Download