Ticketmaster Will Require Either A Coronavirus Vaccine Or Negative Test For Concerts

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By now, you may have heard that the pharmaceutical company Pfizer has developed a coronavirus vaccine that has an impressive 90% efficacy rate. Dr. Fauci, the leading doctor on the current coronavirus task force, has also commented saying that it could be available to all as early as April 2021. In light of this news, not only did stocks jump for music companies like Live Nation, but Ticketmaster is already planning for the return of concerts with a new structure for fan safety.

Ticketmaster is developing a method that will allow them to check your current vaccine status. Ticketmaster will use their digital ticket app in congruence with health information apps like CLEAR Health Pass, and vaccine distributors like Labcorp and CVS. It would work by checking if you have either been vaccinated in the past 12 months, or have tested negative for coronavirus in the last 24-72 hours prior to the concert.

Once you received your vaccine or your negative test results, you would request that the info be sent to CLEAR Health Pass, so the Ticketmaster app could receive those results and verify that you’re good to go. Ticketmaster would not receive any details about your health records, just a notification saying if you’re clear or not. There are still details to work out, but the goal is shift away from any potential on-site testing methods.

Parts of this plan require FDA approval, which has yet to happen. Ticketmaster president Mark Yovich, however, predicts that there will be enough demand of these technologies for approval to be granted in the not-so-distant future.

Billboard received a comment from Mark Yovich about the goal for Ticketmaster here:

We’re already seeing many third-party health care providers prepare to handle the vetting — whether that is getting a vaccine, taking a test, or other methods of review and approval – which could then be linked via a digital ticket so everyone entering the event is verified. Ticketmaster’s goal is to provide enough flexibility and options that venues and fans have multiple paths to return to events, and is working to create integrations to our API and leading digital ticketing technology as we will look to tap into the top solutions based on what’s green-lit by officials and desired by clients.

If they’re able to pull this off, it could be a major breakthrough for the entertainment industry. Ticketmaster also tickets most of professional sports in the United States.

H/T Billboard