Tierra Whack Returns With Quirky New Track “Dora”

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If you’ve been following TSIS for a bit, you know we appreciate artists who pave their own path and march to the beat of their own drum. So it’s only natural that we live for an artist like Tierra Whack. She’s captured our attention time and time again with her utterly unique style of rap, spanning the hip hop spectrum from laser-focused to downright bizarre and everything beautifully offbeat in between. Today, after a relatively quiet 2020, the Philadelphia based artist returns with an enjoyably quirky new track titled, “Dora,” and an equally off-the-wall music video.

This cartoonish cut revolves around an innocent loop fit for a kids’ TV special, but it’s over these types of unconventional beats that Tierra does some of her best work. As she busts out rapid fire lines about loving the finer things in life, the kooky, muppet-casted, stop motion video provides a laughably fitting visual representation of the awesomeness coming from your speakers.

Life is much too short to fall into anyone’s box but your own, and Tierra Whack has internalized that to her core. Here’s hoping that this new single could be a sign of more material on the way, because we sure do love her work. Stream and watch Tierra Whack’s new single, “Dora,” below. Enjoy!

Tierra Whack – Dora