Tipper Drops 6 Mind-Melting Tracks with New ‘Insolito’ EP


There’s little doubt that when it comes to bass music, Tipper remains one of all-time best. His iconic status in the scene is well deserved, and his latest EP adds another chapter of spine-tingling music to his discography. The brand new release, titled Insolito, is his first EP since 2017’s Lattice (and his first release since his 2019 album Jettison Mind Hatch).

This new project from Tipper will turn you into a puddle. The intricate arrangements and sound design are simply something else. The music beckons us to submit ourselves to the sounds and melt away to the otherworldly rhythms. Tipper has included airy, melodic goodness, gritty bass-heavy bangers, and even a nice drum & bass journey to close out the project.

Any electronic music fan is going to want to check this one out. Every one of these six tracks are mesmerizing.

You can stream this brilliant piece of work from Tipper below. Enjoy!

Tipper – Insolito EP