TNGHT Deliver Wonky New Trap Single “First Body” From Forthcoming EP

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The electronic-music world has been in quite a stir over the return of TNGHT in 2019. As the legendary trap duo has been teasing a comeback for years now, today they’ve continued their hot streak with a new single “First Body”.

Following up their first single in six years, plus the announcement of their highly-anticipated sophomore EP, this latest offering has given us yet another glimpse into the future of bass music. Starting off with a dark, cacophonous digital-sounding growl, the two slowly usher in some wonky, squeaking flutes, bouncing non-traditional percussion, eerie chants and booming bass, it’s clear that we have another TNGHT banger on our hands. Check out “First Body” below and enjoy!

TNGHT – First Body