We Went To The Legendary TNGHT’s Surprise Comeback Set in LA


When TNGHT announced their hiatus was officially over in 2019, every electronic music lover rejoiced. Despite the sabbatical, the legendary production duo made up of Lunice and Hudson Mohawk never laid low, each continuing to pave their own path in the music industry. The reunion was marked with 8-track EP, II, and two shows in San Francisco and New York City. Unfortunately for me, the NYC show was cancelled, and we didn’t hear from the twosome for a while once again.

Then on November 4 of this year, not only did they drop new track “Tums,” but they also revealed a surprise show in Los Angeles two days later! I just so happened to be in town and was lucky enough to attend their first LA stop since 2013! The show was held at a newer venue called Catwalk, and the intimate setting was perfect for a TNGHT show.

Pit against an EPROM show that same night, I was glad the event still sold out, and it seemed to me that everyone there was truly hyped they were about to see the icons. From past videos of the venue, sometimes the DJs would perform on the balcony. For this event, the acts would be at eye level to the crowd and sadly, I couldn’t see anything. The taller people around me talked up how high-energy Lunice and HudMo were throughout the night. Apparently, Lunice was jumping on the stage the whole time, which isn’t out of the ordinary for the animated performer.

To be expected, TNGHT’s song selection was on point. I was hoping they would play some songs off II, but I also can’t complain for a good throwback moment. When “Higher Ground” came on, it was like the whole room transcended. Their ability to bring hip-hop beats to an electronic crowd with a positive reaction is truly unmatched. And for anyone who missed out on this show, I hope for your sake that they add more tour dates so you can see for yourself.

I will say that the sound at the venue was pretty muffled, and I kept taking out my earplugs to make sure. That’s not exactly TNGHT’s fault; however, It would have really brought the show to another level, since everyone had been waiting years to hear their music live. I guess I’ll just have to see if they make up that NYC show for a do-over and reassess, but I definitely don’t regret staying in LA for a little longer to catch this.