Tom Misch And Yussef Dayes Unveil Dream-Inducing Single “Lift Off”

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A few short weeks ago, Tom Misch and drummer Yussef Dayes made the exciting announcement of their forthcoming joint album, What Kinda Music, with the release of its title track. Today, the masterful duo brought us another step closer to the release of that project with the release of a second single. It’s an out-of-this-world jam titled “Lift Off.”

This newest single recruits bassist, Rocco Palladino, to round out this exquisite instrumental.  The track is a slow burn, taking its sweet sultry time to build. Palladino lays down a chorus of suspended bass chords that lay a strong but sublime frame work for the track.  Misch sports a more abstract style of play, exploring new musical avenues in his jams in the ebb and flow of the break downs and resolutions.  Last, but certainly not least, Dayes, rounds out the trio with a light but leading percussion line while also providing a few tasteful percussive fills to add the finishing touches to the atmospheric vibe of this track.

This joint album is sounding too nice so far.  While it is a bit of a change of pace in Tom Misch’s library, it’s sounding like this will be yet another masterful demonstration of the talent of the UK based artist (especially when artists like Yussef Dayes and Rocco Palladino are involved).  What Kinda Music drops on April 24th via Blue Note Records. Until then, check out the sick live music video for “Lift Off” below. Enjoy!