Tommy LaCroix † Reveals Debut Sultry Downtempo Album, ‘Requiem D’Amour’


Canadian artist, Tommy LaCroix †, boasts a unique sound that contains various worldly instrumentals intertwined with house-leaning downtempo soundscapes. His musical style is exploratory, always seeking out new discoveries. The eccentric producer has released his debut album, Requiem D’Amour, out now via Aquarius Records.

Requiem D’Amour contains six tracks that offer a unique glimpse into Tommy’s musical prowess while still forming a cohesive package. Notable highlights are the title track which serves as a lush and romantic guitar-driven ballad, the dancing horn melodies on “Danza De Trompeta,” and the pulsating techno-inspired groove on “La Mantra.”

Tommy LaCroix †’s debut album is a sultry downtempo masterpiece and is sure to add some sensuous flavor to your weekly listening. Stream the album below and enjoy!

Tommy LaCroix † – Requiem D’Amour