Tomorrowland Reveals Mind-Blowing New Main Stage


Tomorrowland has a brand new main stage this year, and it has everybody’s jaw on the floor. The festival, which is one of the world’s biggest electronic music events, revealed a new photo of the updated stage this morning.

This new stage has an astounding otherworldly vibe to it, looking like something you’d see out of a high-budget blockbuster movie. And it gets even more impressive the more you look at it. If you zoom in, you can see just how small the actual DJ booth is compared to the size of the massive structure.

The DJs who get to perform on the main stage throughout the festival include some of the biggest in the world: Jamie Jones, Hardwell, Alesso, Martin Garrix, Marshmello, and more.

This is the first year that Tomorrowland has been able to operate since before the Covid-19 pandemic brought the music industry (and the world) to a stand-still. In 2022, the festival will take place over the course of three weekends, July 15-17, July 22-24, and July 29-31.

The entire city of Boom, Belgium, is essentially taken over by the festival each year. The town has a population of about 19,000. The festival attendance in 2019 was around 400,000.

You can check out a high-definition photo of the Tomorrowland main stage below.

People of Tomorrow, it has been 1.082 days, but now you have returned to these magical grounds to celebrate together. A place filled with energy, love and magic. You are now at the epicentre of true unity.

— Tomorrowland (@tomorrowland) July 15, 2022