Top 10 Female Dubstep Producers in 2023

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Over the past few years, conversations regarding female representation in electronic music have been more passionate than ever before. We’ve seen female DJs from all over the world reach some of the biggest stages and with authority. Artists like Rezz, CloZee, Alison Wonderland, Anna Lunoe, and Peggy Gou have paved the way for females in electronic music and have inspired a new wave of producers.

As dubstep continues to grow and evolve, so too do the DJs representing the genre. GRL GANG is an all female-led collective leading the charge on female empowerment and representation in the music industry. Even Shaq, aka DIESEL, unveiled his all female edition of his upcoming ‘Bass All Stars’ event in Denver later this year.

With so many talented female producers breaking into the circuit, we wanted to highlight some of our favorites. We wanted to encompass dubstep and adjacent genres so there’s a little diversity in our picks as well. Without further ado, we present to you our list of Top 10 Female Dubstep Producers in 2023. Enjoy!

10. Green Matter

Green Matter burst onto the scene in 2019 out of Denver. The latina artist’s sound cross-pollinates the nostalgia of earlier dubstep and the constant innovation of contemporary bass. She had her first releases on Subsidia and Circus Records last year and the future is looking very bright for this upcoming talent.

9. NotLö

NotLo is another Denver native making waves in the deep dubstep realm. Emphasizing low end bass with distorted grooves, her music takes listeners on a dark and ethereal sonic journey. She’s also paving the way for queer women in electronic music with an admirable voice for the cause.

8. Austeria

Austeria is a Maryland-based producer who also made her debut in 2019. Her forward-thinking sound has landed her a spot on labels like GRL GANG and Background Noise and collaborations with Zingara and LEVEL UP.

7. Zen Selekta

Zen Selekta is another producer focusing on the low end of things. Her music is heavily inspired by spirituality and draws inspiration from dubstep, UK bass, and world music. She combines elements of tribal percussion with eastern-influenced melodies to create a unique, mystical brand of dubstep.


WHIPPED CREAM is a Vancouver Island-based producer transcending multiple genres. Her ability to blend emotive vocal melodies with hard-hitting productions has garnered praise from the likes of Skrillex and Monstercat. Her music is the embodiment of forward-thinking and has evolved with each and every release.

5. Zingara

Zingara is another Maryland-based producer who is redefining the boundaries of sound by connecting her love for music and the spirit world. She’s been tearing up dancefloors and festivals with her wobbly, driving brand of dubstep. She’s already worked with a number of heavyweight labels, including Deadbeats, Gravitas, and Odyzey Music.

4. Canabliss

Hailing from Toronto, Canabliss is a self-taught musician with a penchant for the slower side of dubstep music. Her music stretches the boundaries of traditional dubstep with elements of freeform bass and future bass. She’s already a staple on Liquid Stranger’s WAKAAN and SSWKAN labels with plenty more to come.


JEANIE hails from Los Angeles and is already a proven innovator in the electronic music community. She’s the founder of GRL GANG and has worked with Bassrush, Disciple Round Table, and Circus Records. Her high-energy, bass-heavy brand of dubstep has rocked speakers around the globe and will continue to do so for a long time.


LEVEL UP began her career as a battle DJ studying under the legendary Rob Swift. She’s honed in her production skills to create a lethal combination of heavy wubs and wobbles with a rare storytelling touch. She made her debut in 2020 and has since gone on a national tour with Subtronics. 

1. Jessica Audiffred

Jessica Audiffred is a Mexico City-based producer who’s been putting Mexican bass music and latina producers on the map. She’s established her own niche style with dubstep, bass, and trap and has already played some of the biggest festivals in the world. She’s also worked with some of dubstep’s biggest names, including Excision, Adventure Club, and Bear Grillz.