Top 10 Throwback Dubstep Sets of All-Time

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Dubstep has been around for much longer than most people realize. While the genre has certainly evolved over the years, it’s crucial that we remember the origins and producers responsible for the early days of dubstep music. 

Thanks to the internet, it’s possible to relive some of dubstep’s rarest and most iconic sets and mixes over the years. We went ahead and did some digging for you to compile a list of our favorite throwback dubstep sets to help educate newcomers and appease old heads alike.

Check out our list of Top 10 Throwback Dubstep Sets (in chronological order) below. Enjoy!

Skream b2b Benga (2005)

Skream is one of the most prolific names when it comes to dubstep and rightfully so. The UK producer is most famous for his legendary flip of La Roux’s “In For The Kill” but has amassed countless influential dubstep cuts to his name. Benga has also earned his rightful place as a dubstep pioneer with numerous influential sets over the years.

Digital Mystikz (2006)

Digital Mystiks comprises of Mala and Coki and, at the time, was a superduo. The London duo is responsible for some of the earliest iconic dubstep music and renowned for their legendary live sets.

Hatcha b2b Youngsta (2006)

Both Hatcha and Youngsta are in the mix when it comes to dubstep originators. Hatcha is even credited for naming the genre “dubstep” which came from dubby 2step garage all the way back in 2003.

Rusko (2009)

Rusko was heavily influenced by the earliest originators of dubstep and sparked a new movement of his own within the genre. The UK product is responsible for transforming dubstep from an underground genre into an international phenomenon.

Excision (2011)

Excision is currently at the pinnacle of modern dubstep and has influenced countless young producers of today with his sound. His earlier days, however, were greatly influenced by innovators like Mala, Youngsta, and Skream which played out heavily in rotation during his early sets.

Feed Me (2012)

Feed Me became one of the most unique and innovative dubstep producers of all-time with a truly one-of-a-kind sound. The mau5trap prodigy first earned his stripes as a drum & bass legend under the name Spor. Once he shifted to his Feed Me alias, he changed the game for the genre, sonically and visually.

Mala (2015)

Many believe Mala to be the original pioneer of dubstep. The vinyl DJ maestro hit his prime during the ‘Golden Era’ of dubstep and played an integralpart in what we now call dubstep today. His label Deep Medi Musik has continued to be one of the most influential deep bass and dubstep facilitators. 

Caspa b2b Rusko (2015)

Caspa always believed in the true roots of dubstep and hasn’t strayed away from it to this day. Both him and Rusko delivered one of the most iconic mixes of all-time during their FABRICLIVE DJ performance that sent shockwaves throughout the music community.

J:Kenzo b2b Youngsta (2017)

J:Kenzo was another UK producer who circulated the early dubstep scene. His take on the genre was more heavily focused around minimal tribal sounds which led to the creation of countless subgenres within bass music.

Subtronics (2020)

Subtronics is the current golden child of dubstep and has become the next generations biggest dubstep artist. Like so many others, he accredits his origins to the early days of dubstep and pays homage to the greats during his throwback Chicago set.

The Widdler (2021)

Unlike nearly every other influential dubstep pioneer, The Widdler was from the US. No other American artist has made a greater mark on the genre and he continues to be relevant with his mixes and live sets across the country.