Catching Flies Kicks Up The Tempo for New Remix of Tor’s “Eleuthera”


We always love seeing the different directions artists go when releasing official remix tracks. For the first official remix of his most recent album Oasis Sky, Tor enlisted Catching Flies for a remix of “Eleuthera”.

Tor’s original version of “Eleuthera” is full of ethereal piano and haunting vocal cuts. Catching Flies honors the spirit of Tor’s version while at the same time transforming it into a more up-tempo song. He amps up the reverb and adds some brushed snare and punchier synth lines. The result is a warm, euphoric vibe.

Tor’s inspiration for the track and album was to emulate “a high-rise apartment looking out over rooftops…it feels like an oasis in the sky.”

This Catching Flies remix takes this track from day to night; on the original track it was mid-afternoon, and we were staring meditatively at the city below us. On the Catching Flies version, we’re hosting a rave with our closest friends in this figurative high-rise apartment and everyone is covered in glitter.

You can check out this remix using the link below. Enjoy!

Tor – Eleuthera (Catching Flies Remix)