Listen To Toro Y Moi’s Amazing New Album ‘Boo Boo’ + Visual Album

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Toro Y Moi is back with a brand new album titled Boo Boo that he’s released along with a visual album. This serves as Chaz Bear’s (formerly Chaz Bundick) fifth studio album under the Toro Y Moi moniker and is sounding like some of his best work to date. 

While his last album What For? went a more rock direction, this project goes back to his indie dance sound we fell in love with. He maintains a dance-driven vibe throughout the project capturing an upbeat, funky sound in his productions while impressing with his indie R&B vocals. The eclectic project experiments with different sounds and productions with some sooth and relaxing tracks while others are more upbeat. We even hear him experiment with autotune on couple tracks that’s sounding amazing. The visual album captures the bright summery aesthetic of the music as we see views mostly out the window of a moving car with short videos popping up in view including things like Chaz painting or dancing and other random things. Enjoy!

Toro Y Moi – Boo Boo | Purchase