Tory Lanez x BenZel – INITIATION : Must Hear Hip-Hop / R&B

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Not too long ago we were blessed with a very fresh collaboration between Tory Lanez and BenZel titled “Stuck On "You“ and the two are back at it with another hit. This original track samples Kill Paris’ “Operate” in a tasteful, almost effortless way incorporated into the slick, atmospheric instrumental. BenZel crafts a dreamy soundscape with chill trap percussion and shuffling synths on a swaggy beat that just works perfect with Tory’s voice. The use of auto-tune really couldn't get any better than it sounds on “Initiation” as Tory shows off his powerful voice on an irresistible hook and his groovy sung verses. Get your weekend into full swing with the stream of this flawless R&B meets hip-hop ballad and enjoy!

Tory Lanez x BenZel – INITIATION

Tory Lanez Initiation