Stream & Download Tory Lanez’s New 18-Track Album ‘Memories Don’t Die’: Hip-Hop / R&B


Tory Lanez has just shared his Sophomore album, Memories Don'e Die. The Toronto rapper has brought on features from Future, Wiz Khalifa, 50 Cent, NAV and more on the 18-track project. 

“Lyrically and just the writing of the songs, I just think is at another level. This time, it was more so about like every piece of vulnerability and every piece of truth and things that people just want to know. But the artists just never says—I just gave them that. That's why this album is called Memories Don’t Die, because the memories of this album will never die because [of] how honest it was. And just, at that point that it's going to drop, just in music, you're just never going to forget the memory of this.” – Tory Lanez to Zane Lowe

The production is top-notch throughout as he brought on artists like Cashmere Cat, Aarabmuzik, Benny Blanco and more fitting perfectly with Tory’s sound. Tory actually recently teamed up with Cashmere Cat on another song “Miss You” as a collab with diplo. Here he shows off both ends of his spectrum with chill R&B songs displaying his impressive range of falsetto while also showing off his bars. Enjoy!

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