Tourist Drops Incredible, Dreamy New Album ‘Everyday’


Tourist is an artist that has stood out to us far beyond many others. The U.K. based melody magician has been slowly making a name for himself over the years, and the drop of his most recent album, Everywhere, is a massive statement as to the progress he’s made so far.

To understand our love for Tourist, you should know that he’s already been on our 2016 end of the year list for best electronic albums, coming in at a very strong number five spot. His album U ended up beating the likes of GRiZ, Lido, Illenium, and ZHU, artists that we love to feature.

When we tell you that this new album Everywhere is a momentous step above U, we want you to do know the weight of that statement.

From our eyes, Everywhere is a masterpiece. The entire project flows absolutely flawlessly from start to finish. In fact, most of the time you can’t even tell when the track has transitioned into a new one, allowing you to get completely lost in the music. Tourist’s dreamy, ethereal house sound reaches its zenith here, and we couldn’t ask for anything more.

This is the album to beat in 2019 for electronic music. Stream the full album below and enjoy!

Tourist – Everywhere