Tourist Unveils Mystifying New Breakbeat Tune “Siren”

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Whenever we hear new music from Tourist, our ears instantly perk up. The veteran producer has captured our hearts and minds with his uncanny versatility and originality. Today, the UK legend adds another transcendent tune to his repertoire in the form of a vibrant new track, “Siren.”

An atmospheric intro punctuated by angelic vocal samples and sense-tingling pans suspend us in a vast vibrant emptiness. The invigorating breakbeat rhythm and humming low end synths whisk us away like a meteor flying through a neon drenched space. Our journey flows to and fro, guided by the will of the kinetically pattering drums, and frankly I’m just glad to be along for the ride.

Board this planetary adventure by streaming Tourist’s new track, “Siren,” below. Enjoy!

Tourist – Siren