Tourist Delivers Must Hear Chill 4-Track EP ‘Wash’ : Indie Electronic


Tourist is an artist we just can’t get enough of. Each and every release we’ve heard from the London-based producer is effortlessly laid back in the best way possible. Today he’s shared his anticipated 4-track EP Wash as he shows no signs of slowing down.

Just last year he shared his debut album U that was one of our top 5 favorite electronic albums of 2016 and we’ve been patiently awaiting his follow-up. He returned in a big way this summer with the infectious single “We Stayed Up All Night” that we’ve been playing nonstop and has literally been stuck in my head for weeks at a time. Now he’s shared the full EP that includes the hit single, and the full 4 tracks are on the level quality level as we’ve come to expect from this favorite of ours. He has a way of chopping up samples and vocals to make them sound like a fluid instrument that he displays perfectly on the outro “Hush.” Throughout the EP, Tourist captures emotions through mystical soundscapes and layers of soulful instrumentation that he gives a dance-friendly, house edge to. Enjoy!

Tourist – Wash