Tripp St. Continues Red Hot Breakout With Tranquil Bass-Fueled Track “Livin”

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If you’re not all aboard the Tripp St. train yet, stop dragging your feet and join the party. The up-and-coming bass bringer has stayed strong in his mysterious resolve, revealing nothing other the fact that they clearly know how to craft the highest quality of tracks. Today, the helmet clad figure adds another log to the bonfire of hype around them with release of their second track, “Livin.”

There’s no two ways about it, this song is a vibe and a half. We start with a clean keyboard intro that is just dripping with cool. Reverberating bells and chimes add a meditative spin to this ball of focused energy, but once that first bass hit drops in, you quickly realize this is just the tip of a glorious trip-hop iceberg. Tripp St. expertly weaves and manipulates pitched vocal samples among warbling strings, smooth-spoken woodwinds, and a resolute drum kit with the careful finesse of a seasoned musician’s hand. This tune will do more than relax you, it will teleport you to an entirely new planet.

Can it please be March 5th already? If this secretive song-smith is gonna follow the head-spinning debut “I Am Back,” with a vibe like this, I am beyond ready for this debut album. I guess I can just rinse this latest track into oblivion for the time being. You too can rinse this song into oblivion by streaming Tripp St.’s “Livin” below. Enjoy!

Tripp St. – Livin | Presave Welcome To Tripp St.